Liquid Ladybug V

The Anytime Miticide in Veg

Liquid Ladybug V™ is specifically formulated for use anytime on plants in vegetative growth phase. It is the first and only daily-use miticide that isn’t restricted by time out periods. You don’t have to wait days between treatments to re-spray, just spray anytime you see mites, it’s the first miticide that can do this, no other miticide can. Liquid Ladybug V™ is the strongest pre-bloom phase spider mite killer available and the natural botanical oils will not harm plant tissue but kill mites to end the egg laying cycle. Our proprietary blending and processing technology makes the essential oils evaporate off the plants leaving no residues, it’s the only miticide that evaporates off and it’s not systemically absorbed so it does not harm plant tissue or slow growth. This unique ability to evaporate off the plant makes it safe to use every day, all day if you want and with the lights on. By evaporating off the plant post-combustion by-products are never a concern. Liquid Ladybug V™ is safe to use on all plants and food crops and won’t harm beneficial insects.

However, since it doesn’t leave a residue or a repellent film, it is recommended to use a Liquid Ladybug Mite Shield to prevent re-infestation and to make your treatment 100% effective every time. Our research reveals that mites and eggs are always falling out of the plant into the growing medium. By simply placing a sponge wrap on the stem, you isolate the top of the plant from the growing medium and all the mites below the sponge die of starvation unable to get back to their food. All the mites and eggs above the sponge are killed by Liquid Ladybug V. This way you don’t have to use a toxic pesticide or a root wash to get rid of a mite infestation safely. For convenience of use and value, there’s no better miticide on the market today.

Note: If your plants are in bloom use regular Liquid Ladybug, the only miticide safe to use on flowers with the lights on.

+ All Natural
+ Safe to Use Daily
+ Safe with the Light On
+ Does Not Stress Plants
+ Economically Priced
+ For All Plants & Food Crops
+ Will Not Harm Predator Mites
+ Suffocates not Poisons Mites
+ Leaves No Residue, Odor or Taste
+ Prevents Post-Combustion By-Products
+ Non-Toxic – No Petrochemicals
+ Safe for People, Pets And Plants

Mite Infestation under Microscope

Product Safety Statement

Liquid Ladybug V™ is exempt from registration with the US Environmental Protection Agency since it qualifies as a minimum risk bio-miticide under FIFRA section 25(b).

Product Ingredient List

Peppermint Oil
Rosemary Oil
Clove Oil
Citric Acid
We guarantee that Liquid Ladybug V™ can solve your worst spider mite problems while in veg. If you have any questions or concerns about our product we want to hear from you.